Dropbox (FREE) - Cloud computing at its best. The easiest and most seamless way to sync and share your files online and across computers and devices. A quick and easy way to transfer files from your desktop or laptop straight to your ipad.

SugarSync (FREE) - With sugar sync, you can install access the files you have synced to the cloud, and decide which files, photos, musics, etc you need to have in the cloud. And with the ipad, you can open, edit and save the files you need locally.

Web King Presenter - FREE - Allows you to display web pages when connected to a display device (i.e. data projector).

Bump (FREE) - Bump lets you share contact info, photos, calendar info, app and music info by bumping two devices together gently.

eWallet (9.99) - Keep all your passwords and other private information secure and protected. Sync that info between the ipad and your other computers as well.

Dragon Dictation -- FREE -- Speak your reminders into the Dragon Dictation app, and watch the words appear in print on the screen. Copy and paste that reminder into a text message and send it to yourself, your spouse, etc.