The iPhone Application List:
Yes, it is focused on the iphone and not the ipad..... but that means these apps will work on both! Free and paid resources focused on education.
Ipads in Education:
Some really good resources and information coming from the United Kingdom. Nice listing by content areas.

iPad Schools:
A collection of apps that have been tested by teachers who are actually using them. Lots of great information pertaining to classroom use of ipads.

The iPad Curriculum:
A blog containing articles about the ipad in education. A good searchable database is part of the site.

Teach with Your iPad:
An incredible collection of apps organized and briefly reviewed. Very helpful.

The iPad Pilot Project:
Info from Palm Beach County school district on their implementation of iPads as a pilot project. Great suggestion of content apps.

Learning Continuity:
A Google site created by the Acalanes Union High School District; gives you 75 good apps for education that are easily found by their sortable collection.

The AppAnnie site shares about 200 clickable links to great apps for education. Great resource.

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Blog:
Includes not only his list of suggested learning apps but also blogs about ipad and some practical classroom.

iPads in the Classroom ( is a site created by Kathy Schrock.
It is intended for her use as she presents on the iPad but also to provide valuable resources for others.

Teach with the iPad:
A site that provides a large variety of suggested apps for multiple grades levels and content areas.

App for That Wiki:
Very nice App directory created by educators. Especially worth checking out is the section called A Day in the Life.

21st Century Innovations: 21st Century innovations
A sitethat skillfully categorizes about by which of the Bloome's Taxonomy's task it tackles.